Hike into Split Oak Forest

I had the pleasure of leading 11 lovely people into to Split Oak Forest on a cold January day.

Thanks for exploring with me.
Some tracking their steps reported over 10,000 steps over 4.5 miles.
It was great making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

We found the over 200+ year old Split Oak and some smaller Split Oaks.

This recreational hike was held at the Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area in Orlando, FL. We laced up your hiking boots and got ready to explore the stunning natural beauty of the Split Oak Forest.

Notable for its namesake, this live oak more than two centuries old that split down the middle and still lives, Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area encompasses more than 2,000 acres. In the 1990s, it was set aside as a mitigation bank for habitat to offset the sea of development that now creeps up to its western border.

It is an open prairie landscape, dotted with lakes and ponds and oak hammocks, a habitat mix perfect for the sandhill cranes that reside here.

With cross-trails and unmarked trails rambling across this vast landscape, there are many ways to hike through Split Oak Forest. The loop trail system provides several different ways to see the park.

Since the centerpiece of the park is the Split Oak, we took a shorter hike on the northerly trails.

Sadly, Split Oak Forest is at risk of having a major highway forced through it and concerned citizens are fighting it. Learn more here.

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