Forest Therapy

“Into the forest I go to guide myself & others to experience the aliveness of nature.”

– Tina Fusser

“Into the forest I go to guide myself & others to experience the aliveness of nature.”

– Tina Fusser

Tina is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide and offers 90 min – 2 hour Forest Bathing Experiences/Mindful Forest Walks locally in the Lake Nona, Orlando area and greater Central Florida. You may contract with her to host a walk for your organization or wellness center.

Forest Therapy is also an insightful and valuable addition to any wellness retreat offered and she loves partnering with other retreat leaders or wellness coaches.

What is Forest Therapy you may ask?

Forest therapy is a global wellness movement that is experiencing rapid growth in the health and wellness field.

Tina defines forest therapy as a type of ecotherapy that focuses on the therapeutic and holistic benefits of being among the trees or simply being in nature. It may be helpful to think of forest therapy as an umbrella term for any practice that reconnects humans to nature through immersion in the forest, at the beach, or at a local park.   

While forest bathing is technically a form of forest therapy, the terms are often used interchangeably. A forest therapy walk, as Tina was trained to guide through her certification program, is synonymous with forest bathing. As a practice, forest therapy is following a standard walk sequence designed to offer reconnection with oneself and the natural world.  

Tina teaches forest therapy as a mindful practice of being with nature for personal and planetary well-being. Tina offers participants a slow-paced, mindful walk experience that opens the senses through a series of nature-connected invitations. Once participants shift from the cognitive thinking mind to an embodied experience, they can connect to the natural world in an authentic and knowing way.  

Tina’s background as a teacher in Germany and teaching group fitness for so many years, as well as her yoga, meditation and mobility training are very helpful in leading thoughtful and caring experiences in nature.

Tina has the very important role of inviting people to slow down and notice the world around them. The most common feedback she hears at the end of the walks is usually how hard it is to slow down and also gratitude for the practice, from “Thank you so much for showing me how to slow down. I had no idea there was so much here,” to “Where have I been all my life?”. It is truly a gift to gently wake people up to not only receive the tangible health benefits, but to step into their interconnection with all of life. 

Research around the world is casting light on how spending time outdoors, and specifically in forests, makes us healthier. 

Below is a list of holistic health benefits:

  • Boosted immunity (increase in natural killer (NK) cells and anticancer proteins)
  • Reduced stress 
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Improved mood
  • Improved mental health (reduced anxiety and depression, improved self-esteem)  
  • Lowered blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improved sleep
  • Deactivated sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight)
  • Activated parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) 
  • Regulated blood sugar 
  • Improved concentration and short-term memory
  • Increased creativity
  • Fostered understanding of interdependence
  • Increased feeling of social connection and empathy
  • Improved spiritual well-being

“The Forest Bathing experience with Tina was truly eye-opening. I was very fortunate to go on a 1-1 walk as well as on a group walk. Tina’s guidance of the walk was both insightful and inspiring, and the group walk with like-minded individuals was empowering and enjoyable. It felt like a much needed reset, and I took away many learnings so I can now look for more opportunities to spend time in nature in a more mindful way using all of my senses.”

Caroline R.

I enjoyed the Forest Bath with Tina!

The experience was very relaxing and joyful, being present in the forest’s beauty!

We were able to explore on our own and she guided us with suggestions to contemplate and education about the environment we were enjoying.  We did a lot of sharing if desired and finished with a lovely tea ceremony to honor each other and the forest.


Nancy Y.



1-1 or couples walk, up to 4 people: $150

($25 each additional person)

Organizations can hire Tina for group walks (email or call for rates).

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