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Tina is an experienced personal trainer, mobility coach, yoga & meditation teacher at the prestigious Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Orlando, FL. She also trains in-home or at other local gyms in the Lake Nona area. She co-owns Kai Fitness for Golf and helped film this prestigious Golf Fitness program featured on the Golf Channel.

Tina is one of very few coaches in the US who holds a wide and unique range of health and fitness certifications including personal training, group fitness, mat Pilates, cycling, CrossFit, TRX, mobility, Stick Mobility, yoga, meditation, forest therapy, nutrition, sports nutrition.

Tina is often praised by her clients for her wealth of knowledge and ability to relate by deeply caring and being an excellent listener. Her harmonic, thoughtful, and compassionate approach allows her to develop a customized program to consistently deliver high quality coaching and achieve outstanding results with her clients.

Before engaging with a client, she offers a comprehensive assessment to evaluate strength, stamina, mobility, goals, and see if the client and her are a good fit for one another which she believes is essential to achieve best results.

Tina understands her clients’ challenges as they increasingly face a more stressful life with greater demands that often negatively affect their wellbeing. She also believes that people are dealing with confusing messages on what type of fitness is needed. 

Tina strongly beliefs and has proven that a variety of modalities is needed to become the strongest, fittest, mobile and healthiest version of oneself, while also taking into consideration her client’s interests, needs and goals.

Her training involves functional exercises, golf specific training, and most often utilizing the whole body and seldom isolating body parts. Therefore very little “machines” are used. The exercises are performed with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, cable crossovers, medicine balls, gym balls and calisthenics. Tina likes to add in some core specific training with yoga, Pilates, resist-a ball and TRX, HIIT, or Tabata style cardio training. She also incorporates the Kai Fitness for Golf program for golf clients looking to improve their game. Her training will provide the results clients are looking for.

Tina’s clients range from professional and amateur athletes including PGA/LPGA Tour golfers, Paralympic Olympic rowers, CrossFit Athletes, seniors, weight loss clients, as well as everyday people wanting to move better, get stronger and have more stamina.

I am hooked on Tina’s Mobility/Flexibility class!  I’m improving my golf game with increased shoulder and hip flexibility.  And, I accomplish daily activities without soreness or fatigue, and with more energy!

Luann P. Lake Nona Golf & Country Club

Tina’s mobility class at the club has been helpful for both my golf and tennis game.  I feel the range of motion improvement has a positive effect on my golf and tennis swings.

Paul U. Lake Nona Golf & Country Club


PT Evaluation $95 (75 minutes)

10 + 20 PT session packages available

1-1 Yoga, Yoga Aromatherapy, Meditation, Chakra Balancing Meditation, Kayak, Paddleboard Session

$95 per hour

Group Rates available

Contact Tina at 407.758.5962

Tina has made a positive impact on my game. Her extensive fitness experience and knowledge as well as her patient personality make her a delight to work with.

Ruixin L. LPGA player 

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