Tina is an inspiring, passionate and sought-after fitness and health leader, expert, and coach for over 25 years. Tina’s mission to guide others to a deeper understanding of healthy living and balance comes from deep within. As a former competitive athlete, Tina truly understands the importance of continually exploring proven new ways and techniques in the world of health and fitness. Pushing the boundaries of her own personal growth, she first applies these new principles to her own life to experience the benefits, and then utilizes her unique approach to relating these techniques to the busy individual who is trying to fit a healthy lifestyle into their highly demanding modern life.

Unique in the health and wellness industry, Tina’s extensive and empowering wellness solutions range from helping others reach a greater fitness level, improving mobility for daily life and incorporating natural solutions for a more balanced life. Besides strength training, mobility, yoga, breathwork, meditation and nature immersions are offered.
Her greatest joy is to see her clients get results.

Tina is one of very few coaches in the US who holds a wide and unique range of health and fitness certifications including personal training, group fitness, cycling, CrossFit, mobility, yoga, and meditation. She’s also a nutrition coach, essential oils expert, and certified forest therapy guide. Tina is a personal trainer, mobility coach, yoga & meditation teacher at the prestigious Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Orlando, FL.

Tina exemplifies fitness and health to the highest degree. As a former competitive athlete, she knows what it takes to set and reach the highest goals. Tina competed in gymnastics for 10 years in her native Germany. As a young adult she was a competitive water skier and wakeboarder, ran marathons, and competed in triathlons for many years. The ultimate highlights of her personal sports career include taking the podium at prestigious CrossFit competitions like Wodapaloza and Granite Games and winning Gold in the 2018 World Championship in Olympic Weightlifting in Barcelona, Spain representing the USA.

Tina’s clients range from professional and amateur athletes including PGA/LPGA Tour golfers, Paralympic Olympic rowers, CrossFit Athletes, seniors, weight loss clients, as well as everyday people wanting to move better, get stronger and have more stamina. One of the highlights in her professional career was strength training a Paralympic Rower. That year she won the Bronze Medal in the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Tina is a nature enthusiast and loves paddle boarding, kayaking, riding her bike, hiking or just sitting in her favorite spot to meditate, pray and connect to Mother Earth. She always is looking to inspire others to join her on this journey to self, health and fitness improvement.

Tina has been married to husband Kai for over 25 years and together they have 2 grown children, Tess and Tim, and are the proud grandparents of two grandchildren. They live in their custom designed eco log home in southeast Orlando in Lake Nona’s Medical City. Together they have made an impact in this growing city with their professional and personal relationships.

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