What is happening with our Pizza?

Today I’d like to share an interesting insight from Dr. Chaney!

I came across an interesting article in a food industry journal. A Spanish company called Premium Ingredients was announcing that they had developed a new “food” product from hydrocolloids and melting salts that could be used to replace casein in pizza toppings.

But, first a bit of background.

You’ve heard nutritionists claim that pizza is a perfect food because it contains foods from all four food groups.
Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that pizza is generally made with white flour and contains lots of fat – mostly saturated, calories and sodium. But, when you look at many of the frozen and fast food pizzas on the market it gets even worse.

You noticed that Premium Ingredients didn’t say that their hydrocolloids/melting salts mixture could be used to replace cheese. They said that it could be used to replace casein. That’s because many pizza manufacturers haven’t used real cheese in years. Instead they are using casein (milk protein) and a chemical smorgasbord to manufacture a cheese “food” with the taste and consistency of cheese. Cheese is a good source of protein and calcium, and it supplies a lot of other essential nutrients as well – such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin, folic acid, magnesium & zinc. Some of the artificial cheeses on the market do supply the calcium found in real cheese, but almost none of
them provide the other essential micronutrients.

But, because the artificial cheeses have been made with casein up to now, we could at least count on them to supply the protein found in real cheese. And, now, thanks to Premium Ingredients the manufacturers of frozen and fast food pizzas won’t even have to use casein-containing artificial cheeses.

In their trade journal article they boasted that their product will help manufacturers cut costs and cut protein.

Lucky us!

So, what is the bottom line for you.

Pizzas are just the tip of the iceberg. Most of us no longer make complex foods like pizza from scratch. We count on manufacturers to use the same natural ingredients that we would use. But, in fact we have no idea of what they are putting in the foods that we are eating. That is why our food supply is becoming depleted of essential nutrients in ways that we don’t even know about.

That’s why I use food supplements and why I recommend food supplements for others.

To Your Health!

Dr. Stephen G Chaney

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