Kai’s workouts evolve around the philosophy of “Efficiency through perfect movement”

All the training is performed with functional exercises, ideally utilizing the whole body without isolating any body part. Therefore no “machines” are used. The exercises are performed with dumbbells, barbells, cable crossover, medicine balls, gym balls and calisthenics.

Kai’s workouts improve and maximize strength, power, balance, flexibility and endurance, you will learn how to build and utilize core strength, build a good base to stand on and rotate around your axis.

As everybody is built differently, he will teach the most efficient way to move for each individual which in turn will maximize one’s performance at any level.

He also teaches “power flow”, his unique way of learning how to let forces flow through the body to distribute them evenly which will reduce the stress on single body parts and joints which is the foundation for injury prevention and efficiency.

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  • Private Training

To ensure maximum benefit, Kai works individually with each client. The entire program takes 6-7 months at 4 days per week, and is setup in 4 phases. Most clients train with Kai 3-4 days per week in their off season to maximize the growing and learning effect. Out of town clients can build a program by visiting for 5-6 hours and then are encouraged to revisit every 8-10 weeks to adjust and change the program.

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  • Seminars

Kai is available for seminars on his program for Universities, Sports Clubs, and groups interested in optimizing their strength and health. He has successfully held seminars at Arizona State University, University of Louisville, Vanderbilt University and more.

Kai is a regular lecturer at TPI World Golf Fitness Summit and also performs seminars internationally in locations such as Europe and Japan. Kai is a recognized expert in his industry, regularly contributing to the Golf Channel and Golf for Women Magazine.

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