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Is it time to DeTox?

Officially the summer is over! Not so much here in Florida where I live but you might have seen a difference in temperature already if you live in other parts of the country.

The kids, or grand kids are back in school and you’ve probably settled in to your schedules.

My kids are back in school and the soccer season is in full swing….

This might be a good time to think about a DeTox program to jump start your health regimen this fall. With all the chemicals our body has to filter out, it’s really smart to clean out the system from time to time. We recommend using a combination of a few proven Shaklee products and lots of organic fruits and vegetables to provide a thorough detoxification program.
This is what I do several times a year with great results. I lose a few lbs and feel highly energetic and ready to get back into the swing of live after a week to 10 days on this program.

Please find more info here and check out this detailed program to follow.

Call me  for questions or concerns.

Wishing You a Great Fall and Happy Detoxing!

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