Improve Your Golf Game: Wood Chop Up

Rotational exercises are great for full body engagement and for learning to load and unload the body just like you want to do in the golf swing swing. They also represent many parts of the swing, which helps teach the body the right movement patterns.

This is one of my favorites, it requires the whole body to work together and build great core strength. If you would only have 10 minutes to work out I would do this exercise,3-5 sets of 8 reps.

Have the shoulders face the cable, or in this sequence use a med ball or rubber band with extended arms (not locked), keep the triangle between the arms and shoulders intact. Sit into your back leg with a loose grip and engage the abs. Initiate upward rotation from bottom up, starting with leg, then hip, shoulders,and arms. Get into a good finish position with full rotation, shoulders over hips and ankle and full extension (avoid a reverse C). Feel the weight transfer from the back to the front leg. Lower the rope, med ball or band slowly with arms extended and with shoulders relaxed, making sure that the abs protect the back and control the speed.

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