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Welcome to Fusser Fitness and Nutrition Blog! We offer Solutions for Healthy Living. In today’s world, living fit and healthy, is easier said than done. Kai and Tina are committed to helping you achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible through functional training, good nutrition and proper supplementation. As personal trainers to elite athletes, fitness instructors to many, and nutrition experts we want to share with you what we have learned over the years about exercise, diet, nutritional supplements, and ways to fuel your body for optimal performance. We are thankful for our relationships with the professional athletes we have been working with over the years and many appreciate the experts in the field of Science, Nutrition and Fitness we’ve been learning from and consult with.

Kai and Tina have 2 children, Tess and Tim. Both are very active and involved in college cheerleading and competitive soccer.

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Tina Fusser

Tina Fusser Fitness Instructor headshot.

17 years of experience

Former Gymnast, Competitive Water-Skier and Tri-Athlete

Tina’s Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Spinning Instructor
  • Certified Nutrition Coach

Tina’s Bio

Tina has been an athlete all her life. Growing up in Germany, she was a gymnast for over 10 years. Tina also excelled in competitive waterskiing and wakeboarding. After moving to the USA, Tina and her husband built and owned several cable water-ski businesses. When her first child was still a toddler, over 17 years ago, Tina started teaching fitness classes. Over the years Tina has gained valuable experience teaching a variety of fitness classes for many different gyms like Gold’s, Bally’s, as well as the YMCA for the last 10+ years. Tina is an avid runner and tri-athlete and has run several half marathons, marathons, and different distances of triathlons – from Sprints to a Half Iron Man. In recent years Tina has added to her credentials certifications in Spinning, Resist-a-Ball, Yoga, and Pilates; as well as BodyTalk Access. Tina believes most in functional training for her clients and incorporates elements from all her other training depending on the client needs. Another big part of her Training is incorporating Nutrition Coaching as it helps the client reach their goals.

Tina will help you reach your personal goals in fitness and health

Tina’s Philosophy

  • Use functional, smart exercises to mobilize the whole body without isolating certain body parts.
  • No boring repetition on “machines”
  • Optimal, individualized workouts with dumbbells, barbells, cable crossover, gym balls, and added
  • yoga and pilates elements will give you results!

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Kai Fusser

kai Fusser Fitness Instructor headshot.

Kai was also born and raised in Germany and played soccer growing up. He has been involved in professional sports since 1985, first as a competitive water skier, then as a coach and trainer in water-skiing and wake boarding. He holds a Masters Degree in Nautical Engineering from the University of Oldenburg in Germany. After owning and operating cable water ski systems and teaching people how to ski for many years he took his love for training inside and specialized in personal training for many different athletes.

He is currently the Director of Fitness at the prestigious Annika Academy in Orlando, FL.

Kai is also a certified facilitator for the Pacific Institutes Investment in Excellence course which teaches how to develop the right attitude for success through cognitive psychology.

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