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DeTox regularly!

With all the chemicals our body has to filter out, it’s really smart to clean out your system from time to time. We recommend using a combination of a few proven Shaklee products and lots of organic fruits and vegetables to provide a thorough detoxification program and is recommended to follow about twice a year to stay healthy.

Our Recommendations

First, we recommend nutrients to help alkalize and detoxify the body, especially your liver. Constipation and irregularity are also a by-product of our modern diet. Both contribute to toxic build-up in the blood and lymphatic system. Your skin is the largest external organ of the body and your liver is the largest internal organ. The liver helps your body detoxify, and does hundreds of other important functions. Supplements to support liver function by providing antioxidant protection to cells and for liver cell repair by supporting protein synthesis are recommended.

Allow Good Bacteria to Flourish

There’s an old saying that goes, “death begins in the colon.” Keeping the colon clean helps keep bad bacteria in check and allows good bacteria to flourish. Good bacteria must be in the colon to restore good health

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Charlie Kalil’s Detox Testimonial

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