Tina’s Training

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Where to Train With Tina:

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club (members only)

CrossFit Lions Den

Your Home or Neighborhood Gym in the Lake Nona Area


Personal Training in Home or Your Gym

  • $75 / hour
  • $110 / hour for 2 people
  • 10 Sessions / $650 ($65 a session)
  • 20 Sessions / $1200 ($60 a session)

Fall Yoga at Moss Park on Fridays at 5:30 pm on select Fridays!  Please RSVP

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Learn more about Tina’s teaching style and philosophy:

  • Functional Training and Golf Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

Functional Training

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Tina’s Training  involves functional exercises, ideally utilizing the whole body without isolating any body part. Therefore very little “machines” are used. The exercises are performed with dumbbells, barbells, cable crossover, medicine balls, gym balls and calisthenics. Tina then adds in some aspects of yoga, pilates,  resist-a ball and TRX.  HIIT, or tabata style cardio training  completes each training session. Tina incorporates the Kai Fitness for Golf program for golf clients looking to improve their game. Tina’s training will give you results!

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Tina Fusser in a yoga pose.

Tina Fusser got certified as a Viniyoga inspired yoga instructor in 2003 and has been teaching since at the Lake Nona YMCA , Lake Nona Golf and Country Club and her own private classes. She has developed her own style of teaching over the years incorporating power yoga which creates a flow between the more static yoga postures and the dynamic connecting postures also known as vinyasa flow. She focuses on the breath, in fact each movement is lead by the breath. Yoga is a tool to build firm muscles, speed up your circulation, and strengthen your heart and facilitate balance.

Recently, Tina started teaching for the CrossFit community which provides an exciting new challenge for her. She believes yoga will help CrossFitters became more flexible and increase range of motion. Practicing basic yoga poses will help with hip and shoulder flexibility to better squats, kipping movements and hand stands. Yoga will also help with focus and and breathing efficiently through the WOD’s. A regular yoga practice will also help improve balance, strengthen the core and finding that braced neutral spine. Most importantly CrossFit is all about community and so is Yoga.  We will be able to connect deeper to ourselves, our bodies, and  breath, and the present moment then we ultimately will connect more deeply to one another.


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Pilates picture.

Tina’s Pilates focuses on total body conditioning exercises combining flexibility and strength from both Eastern and Western cultures. Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps to build flexibility, as well as strength, endurance, and coordination. Pilates is “body building without the bulky muscles”. The focus is on the PowerHouse and Tina likes to add in extension exercises because, as she likes to say, “We all live in a flexed world.”

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