Tina Fusser

Hi there! I am Tina Fusser.

 I am a dynamic business woman, personal trainer, yoga teacher, and health and business coach.

I  have been teaching fitness and health for over 20 years and love to partner with like-minded individuals to help build business teams. My business team, Team Aspire helps make a difference in other people’s lives while also making a living doing so.

I have been married to husband Kai for over 30 years and together we have 2 grown children, Tess and Tim! We live in south east Orlando in Lake Nona’s Medical City. Together we have made an impact in this growing city with our professional and personal relationships. 

Recently, I found an important missing piece in my own wellness journey and that is Essential Oils. To my surprise, using EO’s made a huge difference in my own health in regards to pain, sleep and stress.

Recently, I took my fitness journey to the next level and became a competitive Olympic weightlifter. I competed at an international level as a Masters athlete and unfortunately dealt with quite a lot of pain. Nothing seemed to help until I started using dōTERRA’s Deep Blue products internally and externally. Because of the impact and change I saw using Deep Blue, I made a commitment to share the benefits of dōTERRA Essential Oils with 100 families my first year.

My quick growing team shares my vision and in just a little over 2 years we have collectively impacted over 1000 families.

DōTERRA is a company I completely trust and stand behind. 

I cherish this new beginning and am so excited to build a new life with dōTERRA as my vehicle in health, finances and personal growth!

Many of YOU may be looking for a fresh start yourself with products you can trust, a company that makes you proud and a team that leads with passion and love.

I have committed my life to personal growth, teaching and leading my team, so everyone including myself can reach their God given potential in health, fitness  and business.

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